About Us

Kiar Media is a progressive, interactive studio based in De Pere, Wisconsin, that specializes in creative and effective advertising and marketing solutions. We start with more than twenty years of website and application experience, and mix in some good, old-fashioned fun.

We help clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with design and implementation of creative and interactive projects. Our primary focus is helping clients make better use of their website. We start with a ground-up approach of doing things the right way so search engines can read their site, and then provide content that is pertinent to their industry.

We then plan an SEO system that generates results by providing content and a schedule for that content’s release.

Kiar Olson (a Swedish name pronounced “Keer”), is Big Nerd at Kiar Media. Kiar (@macdesign13) opens his clients’ eyes to unexpected ways of delivering their brand experience. With a primary focus on SEO, creative strategies and new business, he brings his passion and knowledge of all things technology-related to his client relationships.

Kiar began his online career by opening a web and design firm in 1994. A member of the International Web Masters Association since 2001 and avowed bacon lover, Kiar enjoys spending time with his family, 80s hair bands (ironic, considering the few remaining remnants of his once-long locks), good tequila and sushi. A father of two, Kiar lives on the cutting edge of technology while serving as Web Master, and SEO Planner for more than 50 companies throughout the U.S.


Our talented team can solve your interactive puzzle